Neurohealth Chiropractic

Allergy Specialists

17/33-35 Kentwell Road, Allambie NSW 2100

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Have you ever wished you could wake up one morning and be free from your aches, pain, stiffness, stress and ongoing health problems? We Create Better Lives Through Good Health.


*Spinal Adjustments & muscular release techniques
*Spinal Rehabilitation
*Applied Kinesiology
*Neuro-emotional Technique (NET)
*Allergy & intolerance solutions
*Neuro-Organisational Technique (NOT)
*Cranio-sacral therapy / SOT
*Electro – Meridian Imaging (EMI)
*Homeopathic Remedies
*Wholefood nutritional supplements
*Foot Levelers Foot Scans
*Custom made ‘Spinal Stabilizer’ Orthotics
*Spinaleze Pillows (TM)


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